Trainer Profile: Roberta S. Press

Address: Victoria, BC V8T 3R5 (Canada)
Phone Number: 250-744-3017
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Train with your brain, not pain! Humane, science-based training and behaviour modification for your family dog. We specialize in foundation training for puppies or older rescues and in urban dog enrichment. We have an excellent track record helping puppies and shy dogs be braver, helping impulsive dogs achieve self control, and giving owners the tools they need to train as professionals would, all in a respectful, fun, and challenging environment. Our staff have expertise both in teaching dogs and in coaching people; no question is too silly, no puppy too zoomy, no rescue too shy or too rowdy. With over a dozen classes a week, Smart Dog Training specializes in coaching people and their dogs. Our lead trainers hold CCBCs or CPDTs and our staff have degrees in education, science and communications. We combine our strengths to give you and your dog the best possible experience.