Dog Owners

for dog ownersThe CCPDT is the world’s only independent testing and certification organization for dog trainers and dog behavior consultants. Part of our mission is to give dog owners a way to identify professional dog trainers and behavior consultants, and we do this through our designations.

When you need a dog or puppy trainer, look for these letters:

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed)
CPDT-KSA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Skills Assessed)
CBCC-KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed)

Why hire a certified dog trainer?

In a phrase: peace of mind.

When you start your search by looking for our certifications, you know you’ll be working with a dog training professional whose knowledge and skills are grounded in the science of animal behavior—and who has a demonstrated commitment to excellence and ethical conduct.

See our guidelines to choosing a dog trainer.

What you get with a CCPDT-certified dog trainer

The CCPDT certifications tell you a number of things about the dog training professionals who hold them:

  • Proven skills and knowledge of humane, science-based dog training
  • The drive and determination to successfully complete a rigorous exam process
  • A commitment to a strict ethical code for personal and business conduct
  • A commitment to continuing education and professional development
  • A commitment to enhancing the dog training profession

Find a certified trainer today

With certified members all over the world there’s bound to be a great trainer to work with in your area!