Trainer Profile: Nikeae T. Michalchuk

Address: Serving Calgary and Surrounding Area , Calgary, AB (Canada)
Phone Number: 403-701-8589
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

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Provincial Court Qualified Subject Matter Expert in 8 areas of Canine Behavior & Risk Assessment. Canine Aggression Specialist, Specializing in Behavior Assessment, Tailored Dog Training & Behavior Modification, Animal Handling, & Consultation for Dog Owners, Peace Officers, & Professionals. Nikeae has over 17 years experience as a Peace Officer, Specialty Dog Handler/Trainer in Alberta. At Maverick, we promote the most advanced and innovative training and consulting service tailored to maintaining balanced domestic companion dogs, that thrive in a safe community for all. Proudly serving the Province of Alberta and beyond.