Trainer Profile: STEVE M. BROOKS

Address: Cathedral City, CA 92234 (United States)
Phone Number: 323-422-8711
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed


Steve Brooks K9U specializes in behavior problems and pet obedience for the real world. ?From first-time puppy owners to rescues to seniors and disabled dogs -- even expectant mothers who need to learn how to introduce a dog to a new baby; Steve Brooks is a Family Paws, Dogs & Storks, Dog & Baby Connection Licensed Presenter, and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild where he advocates force free training. Steve specializes in behavior problems of all kinds and teach a solid foundation of real-life manners to dogs of all breeds and all ages. I love teaching dogs tricks just for fun and also to curtail behavior problems. I also teach Veterinarians, Vet technicians and staff how to handle difficult dogs safely while enriching the hospital environment. I also work as a consultant to help families choose the right dog with the right disposition. I have over 30 years dog training experience with great success! Steve Brooks K9U, founded in Los Angeles in 1999 maintains the philosophy of giving dogs a solid foundation of ?real-life manners?; modifying behavior problems; and teaching tricks to keep training fun! Thousands of dogs have graduated from Steve Brooks K9U with a diploma; evidence that they?ve completed a customized training program that brings families and dogs together by teaching leadership and mutual respect. Steve Brooks, founder of Steve Brooks K9U is featured in the Fox Studios? Blu-ray DVD, MARLEY & ME, in the Dog Training Trivia section where Steve teaches his positive, Reward-Based Training methods and provides commentary. If Marley can succeed, so can your dog! Steve Brooks, (CPDT-KA) has been featured as a dog training expert on CBS, NBC, FOX, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and as a special feature in the Blu-ray DVD, Marley and Me. Steve is a contributing writer to Fido Friendly Magazine.