Trainer Profile: Jason Lee Davis

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85020 (United States)
Phone Number: 623-777-9891
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
Certified Behavior Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed


I specialize in shelter/rescue dogs. They fully have my heart.
I have a unique and extensive background that has allowed me to better understand what they've been through and how to counterbalance their anxieties from those experiences.

I am a former Animal Cruelty Investigator, Emergency Animal Medical Tech (first responder for animal emergencies) and Shelter Canine Behavior Specialist and hold multiple related certifications. I also help animal shelters and rescues build behavior and enrichment programs.

My techniques use positive reinforcement, are scientifically based and fear/force free.
I train one-on-one and through workshops.
Call or email for more information.