Trainer Profile: Judith Keenan

Address: 6530 Russell St , NIAGARA FALLS, On L2J1P7 (Canada)
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Dog Training as a profession is some-what mis-labeled. Yes of course it's literally about guiding dogs to be compatible companions in our human-oriented world. In my opinion, to be an effective trainer of dogs means also being an empathetic coach to the PEOPLE who own dogs. At professional dog school Unleashed Niagara, I train dogs and their families from across the region, from puppy socials through to obedience, entry level dog sports and more. I have fostered and rehabilitated more than one hundred dogs. I have boarded dogs in my home for more than five years while also employed in the retail pet care industry. With the Knowledge Assessed Certification of Professional Dog Trainers, I added science-based education to the mix, a commitment that demands staying up to date with the most current research and developments, which is a happy task indeed.