Trainer Profile: Lucinda M. Ludwig

Address: Willard, MO 65781 (United States)
Phone Number: 563-451-9177
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

I provide clicker training instruction as a certified clicker trainer ( Karen Pryor Academy, 2010) and behavior modification using applied behavior analysis; I use no shock, prong collars, choke chains, leash corrections, verbal corrections, dominance, physical molding, intimidation. As a licensed registered nurse and masters-prepared professional adult educator, I incorporate the principles of behaviorism (Pavlov, B.F. Skinner) into a holistic approach using my professional nursing skills and knowledge of animal behavior acquired through college courses, workshops and seminars as well as experience. I am open to the use of learning models other than behaviorism, especially when teaching people, when appropriate. My nursing background and undergraduate degree in science has provided me with an in depth understanding of physiology and pharmacology, so I appreciate and understand the role of medication in the treatment of behavior issues and work collaboratively with prescribing veterinarians. I believe that behavior modification alone is often effective, but that sometimes medication is necessary to aid the process. I teach owners how to train their dogs and modify behavior, from simple problems such as house training or jumping on people to complex problems such as fear and aggression. I provide guidance to expecting parents with dogs, and offer a popular private puppy training program, culminating in AKC (American Kennel Club) S.T.A.R. puppy testing and certification. I like to incorporate children in the training program, and offer an interactive bite prevention program for groups of school-age children than has been very well received. I believe all dogs and dog owners are individuals and never teach any two people or dogs exactly the same way. I provide service dog training instruction to people with physical disabilities, relying on experience as a nurse and as an independent contractor with a large service dog organization. I also have a therapy dog certification program. For more information, see the Canine Connection website.