Trainer Profile: Debbie R. Robinson

Address: Grayslake, IL 60030 (United States)
Phone Number: 224-374-5995
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed


Hairy Tails Pet Education, LLC., I believe that owners must learn to communicate effectively with their dogs. Without the ability to let our dog know what it is we want or don't want, in a language that the DOG can understand. We are often left with frustrated owners and out of control dogs. We strongly believe in the principles of Suzanne Clothier's "Relationship Centered Training," and encourage all of our students to build a relationship with their dog based on trust and mutual respect, not force, intimidation, or fear. You can read more about Suzanne Clothier and her amazing work at There are no "short cuts" or "quick fixes" when it come to promoting good canine behavior. Having a well behaved canine companion takes time and effort, but is a goal every dog owner should have. No dog is "too old" to learn new behaviors. Young dogs welcome positive training experiences, and even your "seasoned veteran" can learn better behavior, if you commit the time to teaching him. Training your dog is easy if you recognize what your dog finds rewarding, and use their individual needs and wants to encourage good behavior. Behaviors such as digging, destructive chewing , and barking, which owners consider "problems", are actually normal canine behaviors. These behaviors are most often the result of a dog with too much energy, not enough daily mental & physical exercise plus a lack of constructive outlets or "jobs."