CEU Event: "It Must Be Genetic": The Heritability of Aggression

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Have you ever heard someone say of a dog, "The aggression showed up so young - it must be genetic," or "It's a breed problem - there's nothing you can do about it?" Yet we know that behavioral traits, such as aggression, are influenced by both genetics and behavior. How do we measure "heritability," or the influence of genetics versus the environment? What does it tell us about individuals and populations? How difficult is it to predict an individual's behavior based on its breed? What does a breed tell us about the likelihood of an individual being aggressive? Join Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD, to talk about these questions and to learn how to address solutions at the population level.

Speaker(s):Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD

Contact: Michael Shikashio
 Email: Mike@AggressiveDog.com
 Web: https://aggressivedog.thinkific.com/