CEU Event: Human Animals: The Five Laws of Empathy with Karen Faith (On-Demand. Pre-Order Now for August 2023)

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Where: Online


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You're special. And so is everyone else. Where many of us imagine empathy as some kind of sameness–feeling the same feelings, having the same experiences–the essence of empathy is in honoring the differences which make each of our perspectives unique. This is what makes empathy a one-on-one practice. Yet while the practice of empathy doesn't easily scale, its impact does. Bigtime. In this informative and inspiring webinar, ethnographer, strategist, and empathy trainer Karen Faith explores the structure, mechanics, and obstacles to empathy, and shares five laws of empathic interaction which can be applied to our lives and work. Smart, sincere, and playful, this talk is sure to inspire, connect, and empower listeners to approach their work with curiosity and heart. Dog professionals: One of the major reasons I am bringing Karen's empathy work to the academy is because I believe empathy is something we desperately need in this industry. Dog professionals have empathy by the bucketful for dogs. Our classes on dog body language and understanding what dogs mean are among the most popular classes. And that's already a huge win and a shift away from traditional dog training. And...if we are going to reach more people and change how they live in community with dogs, we need to understand where they are coming from, what problems they're trying to solve, and find a way to communicate and innovate together. A deliberate practice of empathy will help us build on-ramps for a cultural shift. Empathy for humans takes time and intentional practice. I'm excited for this! Pre-order this talk to get access as soon as it's launched in August.

Sponsor:Empowered Animals LLC
Speaker(s):**Karen Faith

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