CEU Event: Dissociation and Our Clients with Danielle Beck BSc (Hons.), MSc., CABC.

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Dissociation is a natural defense for stress and trauma and can have a huge impact on our clients' lives... It’s incredibly common and understanding the impacts it can have on our clients, their timing, organization, and memory can help us to be able to support them and ourselves more effectively. In this webinar you will be given a deep dive into what dissociation is, how is occurs, & what happens in the brain. You will be taken on a journey to understand the different levels of dissociation from common dissociation in the form of ‘highway hypnosis’ to stress-induced zoning out, to PTSD dissociative subtypes, exploring different parts that function during dissociation, all the way to the highly stigmatized dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder. The seminar spends a fair bit of time on DID, because it is the least well-known and also because the tips dog trainers come away with for DID can apply for other kinds of dissociation clients are doing, but the reverse isn't necessarily the case. • Suitable for dog trainers, behaviorists, shelter workers or anyone who wants to help clients who experience Dissociation. • Understand what Dissociation feels like from an individual who lives with a highly stigmatised dissociative condition. • Explore the complexities and differences between the typical dissociation we all experience, and the higher levels of dissociative identities and fugue states specific to people with this condition. • Learn why Dissociation is a defense and not a disorder. • Learn what to expect if you have a client with Dissociation and how best to respond if you find dissociation happening during a session.

Sponsor:Empowered Animals LLC
Speaker(s):Danielle Beck BSc (Hons.), MSc., CABC.

Contact: Grisha Stewart
 Email: info@grishastewart.com
 Phone: 350-571-86000
 Web: https://school.grishastewart.com/courses/dissociation