CEU Event: Breaking the Bad News: From resistance to acceptance and beyond

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Working as a dog trainer means we sometimes need to tell clients painful truths they don't want to hear. It can be hard to find a way in. Do you avoid speaking up – or use vague or euphemistic language – to save yourself the discomfort of potential conflict? Or do you say what the client needs to hear, only to face resistance, refusal, or clients who leave to find a trainer who will agree with them? As a specialist in service dog owner-training, Sharon Wachsler has extensive experience with helping clients come to terms with the heartbreaking reality that their dog is not fit for this career. Over the years, she developed a protocol that usually ends with the client understanding, agreeing, and thanking her for telling them this potentially devastating new. If you want to learn how to share bad news in a way that is more likely to wind up with you, the client, and the dog all on the same team, this webinar will be a game changer for you.

Sponsor:Raising Canine, LLC
Speaker(s):Sharon Waschler

Contact: Susan Smith
 Email: sue@raisingcanine.com
 Phone: 512-916-4007
 Web: https://raisingcanine.com/