CEU Event: Resilience Rainbow Tour - Denver, CO

When: 06/03/2023 9:00am to 06/04/2023 5:00pm
Where: Noble Beast Dog Training


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Resilience is the ability to adapt successfully to or recover quickly from stressful events, situations, and conditions. Resilience relies on effective responses to environmental change, and resistance to the negative effects of stress, therefore a thorough understanding of the factors which influence these mechanisms is fundamental to raising and living with our dogs and other companion animals. Whether a professional in the behavior field or a competitor of dog sports, we must consider resilience when creating training programs or addressing behavior issues. Most dogs around the world no longer live quietly by the fireside, roaming open spaces, without restrictions; and as society continues to change, our cities get busier and our lives more hectic, it's not only humans that benefit greatly from an ability to adjust and adapt. Stress and trauma can have a substantial impact on brain function and structure, and can result in the development of behavioral abnormalities. But not all animals exposed to stressful events develop behavioral abnormalities and those animals that don’t are said to be resilient. So what is different about the way the brains of those animals function, and how can we, as carers, influence brain function to improve resilience in animals? An understanding of resilience mechanisms is therefore at the heart of being able to effectively influence behavior. Eliminating all stress in life is impossible and is never the goal of training. Instead, the goal is to help a learner acquire the skills which enable them to process stressful experiences and grow more resilient from them. In this 2-day seminar, we will use a model founded on scientific principles, which was created by our experts here at Behavior Vets. The Resilience Rainbow represents seven domains around which an individualized training plan can be created which will support the dog’s development and help them build resilience. What interventions and exercises are most effective in building resilience? How do they help, and how can you implement them? What does a Resilience Conditioning training plan based around the Resilience Rainbow look like? What are the advantages of this approach? To learn more about how to teach the animals in your charge to condition and support resilience, join us for a two-day seminar: Resilience… What is it? What's its purpose? How does it develop? What are the neurobiological mechanisms associated with it? Why is it important? How does an understanding of it help us? How do we measure it? Which factors influence it? How can we improve it? Neuroscientist and Veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Murphy, and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Bobbie Bhambree, will answer these questions, and more, throughout a two-day seminar. You’ll learn evidence-based approaches to assessing and building a dog's ability to adapt, adjust, and recover. This will be an opportunity to look at an important topic in behavior through a multidisciplinary lens. Whether you are an animal trainer, veterinary professional, animal behaviorist, animal enthusiast, or someone interested in dog sports, there will be something here for you. Other info: This is an in-person event: Dr. Murphy and Bobbie will be presenting in front of a live audience! This seminar will not be recorded. Food & Beverages: We are providing coffee, tea, water, and light snacks throughout the day. Lunch will not be served. There are several restaurants and cafes in the area.

Sponsor:Behavior Vets
Speaker(s):Dr. Kathy Murphy, Bobbie Bhambree

Contact: Behavior Vets
 Email: webinars@behaviorvets.com
 Phone: 646-661-1001
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