CEU Event: Greeting Skills: From Friendly Tornadoes to Warm Hellos

When: 06/01/2023 9:00am to 07/12/2023 6:00pm
Where: Online


*CPDT-KA: 4.5 *CBCC-KA: 10
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 0.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 4.50

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.

PLEASE NOTE: CPDT-KA can earn a MAXIMUM of 12 CPDT-KSA Skills CEUS within their 3 year certification period.


6- week online class with lectures, video instruction, and practical exercises. Follow at your own pace. Teach your overly friendly dog how to say hello – or maintain a polite distance – with grace and finesse. This course is for the dog who absolutely loves people and/or dogs and feels the need to say hello with his entire body anywhere, anytime. Having a friendly dog is a wonderful thing! Having a friendly dog with manners is even better. The goal of this class is not to dampen your dog’s happy disposition or zest for life. On the contrary! Learning some social greeting skills will allow him to enjoy the proximity of people and other dogs without being a space-invader. IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is for the dog who happily seeks to interact with as many other living beings as possible, but does so with a little too much oomph. This is not for dogs who respond fearfully or who lunge or bark aggressively towards other people or dogs. Keep in mind that some dogs will approach people and dogs happily, and then quickly retreat or become concerned if people try to touch or pet them. This course is not appropriate for these dogs. If you’re unsure if this is the course for you, contact the instructor before registering.

Sponsor:Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Speaker(s):**Nancy Tucker

Contact: Nancy Tucker
 Email: woof@nancytucker.com
 Web: https://www.NancyTucker.com/