CEU Event: Fight/Flight But What About The Forgotten Fawn?

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"Fawning" in dogs is a stress response often utilised when the threat is inescapable or unpredictable. Dogs in these situations will try to appease others to avoid conflict. This can involve tail tucking, crouching, and other appeasement behaviours, which may be misinterpreted as calmness or obedience. While fawning is less well-known than fighting or fleeing, it's still a common response to stress in dogs and can have serious consequences for their mental and emotional health, particularly. For those dogs that have been impacted by trauma. In this webinar, we'll explore what fawning is, why it happens, and how it can impact our dogs' lives. We'll discuss how fawning can develop as a survival strategy in response to abusive or neglectful situations, and why it can be difficult to recognize and address as dog owners. We'll also explore how fawning can contribute to anxiety, fear, and behavioral issues in dogs, and discuss strategies to build coping skills to aid rehabilitation. By the end of this webinar, you'll have a better understanding of the fight/flight/fawn response in dogs, and be better equipped to identify and manage fawning behaviors. Whether you're a dog owner, a trainer, or simply interested in learning more about the psychology of stress in dogs, this webinar is for you. Join us to explore this important topic and learn how to help your dog build resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):**Danielle Beck

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