CEU Event: Stop Skipping to the Discussion Section! Research Literacy for Separation Anxiety Specialists

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL EVENT FOR CSATs ONLY; please do not list publicly. Think of yourself as a science-based, science-informed, or science-curious CSAT? Of course you do! And you already know that there is a vast and very fast growing scientific body of literature on separation-related problem behaviors in dogs. So vast, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to approach any one study or article. If you've ever read a title of a research paper and thought: "OOOH, I want to know what that says, and then found yourself glazing over ALL those pesky methods and results sections, and skipping directly to the discussion section at the end, you're in the right spot! Research literacy is a skill, and you can cultivate it. In this introduction to research literacy, I will help you get your sea legs when looking for relevant research, or when reading a particular piece of research. Following the ALA framework for Information Literacy, we will focus on the following concepts, applied to our dog training context: Authority Is Constructed and Contextual, Information Creation as a Process, Information Has Value, Research as Inquiry, Scholarship as Conversation, Searching as Strategic Exploration. We will also briefly explore the special relevance single-subject designs studies have for our practical work with individual learners, and how these differ from case studies.

Sponsor:Malena DeMartini, Inc
Speaker(s):Maia Huff-Owen

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