CEU Event: Canine Behaviour 102 Separation Anxiety

When: 03/25/2023 8:00am to 03/26/2023 12:00am
Where: Online


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When your dog is destroying your house, irritating the neighbours or injuring themselves every time you leave the home, is it Separation Anxiety? How can you tell? Where can you turn for help? Separation disorders are one of the leading causes for owner frustration and if left untreated, these situations often escalate to an unbearable and even dangerous level. This course is designed to provide individuals who work and live with dogs the necessary information they require to; understand the difference between separation anxiety and separation frustration / boredom, determine which behavioural issues they are dealing with, the root cause for each disorder, how to address separation frustration / boredom, how to avoid creating separation anxiety in your dog and how to design a treatment program for mild to moderate cases of separation anxiety. This seminar will delve into topics such as: Separation Anxiety vs Frustration The nature of attachment and separation The truth about Frustration Understanding Separation Anxiety Treatment options for separation disorders Helpful medications and when to use them Preventative measures The target audience for this course includes; Animal Control Officers, Canine Handlers, Veterinarian Technicians, Breeders, dog trainers & behavioural consultants, groomers, doggy daycare attendants, dog walkers / pet sitters, foster parents for canine rescue groups and the average dog owner.

Sponsor:Georgian College
Speaker(s):Julie Speyer, Lisa Large

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