CEU Event: Multiple Dog Households: Conflicts, Resolutions, & Creating Calm with Debby McMullen, CDBC

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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When combining different personalities, some friction is bound to occur. Conflicts can be minor or major, brief, or ongoing, and they can built up to create a stressful environment that upsets every member of the household. The good news is that peace can reign in your household! Join us as Debby McMullen lays the foundation for understanding how multiple dogs interact, and then provide the tools to help us improve those interactions.

Sponsor:Empowered Animals LLC
Speaker(s):Debby McMullen

Contact: Grisha Stewart
 Email: info@grishastewart.com
 Phone: 682-200
 Web: https://school.grishastewart.com/courses/multidog