CEU Event: Defining Confusing Terms - Assistance, Service, and Therapy Animals - What's The Difference?

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In 2018, a group of researchers, industry representatives, and end beneficiaries of different types of animal supports established a large team to clearly define terms such as therapy animal, assistance animal, service animal, and facility animal, among others. This was necessary because people use these terms in confusing ways, sometimes using the same word to describe two different working roles, and other times using two different words to describe the same role. Over a four-year period, 77 experts from all over the world refined the definitions, until we published them in an open-access journal, Animals, in mid-2022. This presentation will provide the definitions that we came up with, along with the rationale for each. It will also describe the implications of these terms in different parts of the world, especially where these terms already exist in legislation. Finally, it will highlight the importance of always prioritizing animal welfare when working with these animals. They provide crucial supports for people, so we need to make sure that they are enjoying the work At the end of this webinar, participants will know: The agreed definitions for various terms commonly used to describe animals working in roles that support humans (e.g., assistance, service, therapy, facility, animal). The legal and cultural implications of these definitions in different parts of the world The importance of prioritizing animal welfare in all cases

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Dr. Tiffani Howell

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