CEU Event: Functional Analyses and Reinforcement-Based Treatments for Mouthing in Dogs

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The most common cause of companion dog relinquishment and non-medical euthanasia is problem behavior. Many animal behavior professionals utilize descriptive assessments, functional assessments, or medical assessments to try and identify the functions of problem behavior in order to target those functions in behavior modification protocols. However, studies have demonstrated differences in accuracy and efficiency between functional assessments and functional analyses. Mouthing is a relatively common problem behavior observed in pet dogs, and many owners seek to reduce the frequency of the behavior. However, the functions of dog mouthing are unknown; therefore, behavior interventions are based on descriptively-informed behavioral functions. As a result, current interventions may lack efficacy or even worsen the behavior. Although the functional analysis is the gold standard for identifying human behavioral functions and developing function-based interventions, its use in the animal behavior field is still relatively rare. This study assessed the validity of the functional analysis for mouthing in companion dogs and tested function-based interventions informed by the results. Participants included three dogs and their owners participating in a functional analysis and intervention assessment. Data indicate that function-based interventions informed by functional analysis results were efficacious for reducing problem mouthing. Discussion in this session will include how the functional analysis was set up, behavior was measured, data were analyzed, and results were integrated into interventions.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Dr. Mindy Waite

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