CEU Event: Body Language, Behavior & Problem Solving

When: 06/05/2023 9:00am to 06/09/2023 5:00pm
Where: St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center


*CPDT-KA: 30 *CBCC-KA: 0
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 13.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 17.00

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.

PLEASE NOTE: CPDT-KA can earn a MAXIMUM of 12 CPDT-KSA Skills CEUS within their 3 year certification period.


This workshop is ideal for dog lovers and industry pros who want to experience hands-on study of dog behavior from learning to “speak dog” to planning and practicing behavior solutions with the shelter dogs! Highlights Include: Observing dog behavior with a keen eye for details and then being able to interpret what you see, analyze behavior, and make effective predictions. Facial expressions, body movement, intentions, and emotions will all be covered. Handling dogs on and off leash (play groups) while making fast decisions based on the behaviors you are seeing. We will study dog-to-dog behavior from greetings to off-leash interactions. We will run play groups where you learn how to tell the difference between play and conflict and become a better handler, making good decisions for safety and progressive socialization. Understanding how dogs interpret human body language (yours), along with learning how to move like a professional handler with both confident and fearful dogs. This makes a huge difference in both safety and effective leadership with dogs and clients alike. Taking a professional and systematic approach to behavior problem solving. How to look at all factors that could be considered causes or triggers, how to apply management, how to apply behavior modification. Writing behavior problem solving plans for actual cases in the shelter. Hands-on application of your plan with follow-through on management and behavior modification techniques. Understanding when and how you will want to use associative learning and behavior-consequence learning as part of your plan, all using force-free and reward based methodology.

Sponsor:CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
Speaker(s):Jeanne Clunne, Claire Cario, Kate Senisi

Contact: Brianna Hager
 Email: studentsupport@catchdogtrainers.com
 Phone: 877-752-2824
 Web: https://catchdogtrainers.com/our-program/hands-on-workshops/professional-dog-training-skills-worksho


St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center
575 Woodland Ave
Madison, NJ 07940
United States