CEU Event: Let's Talk About 10 Types of Learning.

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Learning can be defined as the processing and retention of new information which results in an enduring change in behavior. However, learning takes place within constraints such as preparedness, fixed action pattern behaviors, adaptation and motivation. The learning process may entail associations between neutral and meaningful stimuli, associations between cues and behaviors, and associations between behaviors and their consequences. In this webinar, which has been designed at a novice level, we will explore 10 different types of learning – what they are, their characteristics, and some examples of each – and the constraints within which learning takes place Learning Objectives - Understand the concepts of preparedness, fixed action pattern behaviors, adaptation and motivation. Become acquainted with the following types of learning: - Superstitious learning - Imprinting - Learned helplessness - Latent learning - One-trial learning - Social facilitation learning - Errorless learning - Respondent conditioning - Operant conditioning - Emotional learning

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):**Alexandra Santos

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