CEU Event: Stop & Smell the PeeMail: Everyday Sniffing as Slow Thinking, Social Problem-Solving & Healing from

When: Ongoing
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This webinar will offer a deep dive into the everyday practice of canine sniffing—not organized nose or scent work, but the behavior dogs constantly engage in when left to their own devices out in the backyard or just walking down the block. Sniffing is critical to canine welfare because dogs navigate the world first and foremost through their noses. Smelling is dogs’ most ancient sense and they have evolved a remarkable olfactory anatomy to maximize this. We have all heard about the ability of dogs to sniff out explosives, drugs, human remains and even biological disease. But did you also know that sniffing functions as a central form of cognition for dogs not to mention an important mode of social problem-solving. It is even essential for dogs’ recovery from emotional trauma. I will guide viewers through the world of ordinary sniffing by looking at the most recent science as well as offering real-life case studies of sniffing’s transformative power. Learning Objectives: Increased understanding of dogs’ normal sniffing behavior including its cognitive & emotional benefits. Increased understanding of sniffing’s centrality to the welfare of all dogs, not just those engaged in scent sports or who work in scent detection of any kind. Increased understanding of how to enable sniffing and scenting opportunities for the average household dog and make it an important part of their daily lives.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Dr. Laura Donaldson

Contact: Sharon Nettles
 Email: events@petprofessionalguild.com
 Phone: 184-446-26473
 Web: https://petprofessionalguild.com/event-4945302