CEU Event: Improving the Cat-Human Bond Through Understanding Behavior

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Although cats have coexisted with humans for thousands of years, relatively little scientific research has been conducted with cats - especially in comparison to the body of research on dogs. With pet cats outnumbering dogs by almost 10 million in the US alone and over 3.4 million cats entering US shelters each year, many applied benefits exist from future research in this area. This talk covers our scientific understanding of various aspects of cat behavior and cognition including perception, socialization, the mother-kitten bond, social behavior, personality, cat-human attachment bonds, and cat sensitivity to human cues. It also discusses ways to utilize this knowledge to improve cat welfare and strengthen the human-cat bond through cat training and enrichment.

Speaker(s):Kristyn Vitale Shreve, MEn

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 Email: info@iaabc.org
 Web: https://m.iaabc.org/