CEU Event: Aggression in Cats: Human-Directed

When: 08/11/2022 6:00pm to 08/11/2022 7:30pm
Where: Online


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Aggression in Cats: Human-Directed and Inter-Cat Join us for this unique collaboration in which a Veterinary Behaviorist and a Cat Behavior Consultant explore aggression in cats. Our feline friends do not receive much attention when it comes to behavior issues compared to their canine counterparts. Many cat guardians don't even know that they can get professional help to resolve cat aggression issues in the home. In this two-part presentation, we'll take an in-depth look at aggression in pet cats. In part one, we'll be focusing specifically on aggression directed at humans: types, causes, and treatments, both medical and behavioral. Part two looks at aggression between cats in the home: play vs. non-play-based aggression, how each presents, assessing underlying mechanisms, and how medical and behavioral treatments can create peace in the home. These webinars are suitable for veterinary professionals, animal trainers, animal behaviorists, shelter and rescue staff and volunteers, pet guardians, and anyone with an interest in evidence-based behavior intervention. Here is the list of webinar dates, topics, and times, one more time: Thursday August 11, 2022 - Human-Directed Cat Aggression, 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST Thursday August 25, 2022 - Inter-Cat Aggression, 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST This is an online event. The live streaming link will be emailed one day prior to the event. "Doors" open 30 minutes prior to the start time of the event. Feel free to log in and wait in our "waiting room" via the video app. We will be using Zoom to stream the event. These webinars will be recorded. Anyone who purchases a single webinar or package will receive the recording within 1 week after each live event date. You will be able to view the webinar even if you cannot join us on the event date. The recordings will be available for viewing for up to 12 months. CEUs will be granted to those who purchase a ticket , even if they cannot join us on the date of the event. CEUs can be submitted up to 6 months after the webinar series is complete. CEUs pending: IAABC RACE Registration: Single Webinar: $45 per webinar (purchase ticket before event date) Two-Part Webinar Package: $65 total (If you missed one of the parts as a live event, you will receive a link to the recording(s) as long as you purchase a ticket for the two-part package.) When purchasing a ticket, you will have the choice of choosing a single webinar by date, or the 2-part package. Please make sure to refer back to this description when choosing the webinar topic you are interested in; if you do not want to purchase the 2-part package. The tickets are listed by date and NOT by topic. Cancellation policy: No refunds

Sponsor:Behavior Vets
Speaker(s):Dr. E'Lise Christensen, Mary Molloy

Contact: Bobbie Bhambree
 Email: info@behaviorvets.com
 Web: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aggression-in-cats-human-directed-and-cats-fighting-in-the-home-tickets