CEU Event: Creative Ways to Tackle Tough Cases - Animal Welfare - When Positive Training Can Become Coercion

When: 09/10/2022 11:00am to 09/11/2022 12:30am
Where: Online


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Animal Welfare - When Positive Training Can Become Coercion There is a movement in our industry to make learning positive for our dogs by providing choice and control--what does that actually look like? How do we measure this? How can we be sure that the dog is freely participating in the program? It's like a coal miner working in a coal mine: they could either work in the coal mine to earn a paycheck or not work in the coal mine which means they can't put food on the table. Their alternatives are limited, and so their perspective. They also have choices as a coal miner: they can either push a trolley or they can swing a pick axe. The coal miner has choices within their job, but does that make their experience enjoyable? In modern dog training, we have to consider the welfare of the animal during the training process. Providing choice and control are wonderful topics explored by many trainers today. At the heart of this movement is a concern for our animal's experiences and the desire to want them happy and fulfilled. But this paints an incomplete picture. Adding the Degrees of Freedom perspective to this movement can provide a thorough and pragmatic approach to ensuring our training is enjoyed by our animals and even guide our decisions as to what kinds of procedures to implement during training. This presentation will explore Dr. Goldiamond's Degrees of Freedom and Coercion analysis. We will explore what degrees of freedom/coercion are, how they are measured, and the implication this has for training. We will explore these concepts through research and cases studies. Saturday September 10, 2022 - 11am to 12:30pm EST (USA and Canada)

Sponsor:Behavior Vets
Speaker(s):Sean Will

Contact: Bobbie Bhambree
 Email: info@behaviorvets.com
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