CEU Event: Biology of Dog Aggression - Part One

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In this two-part webinar series, we will look at the biological and environmental causes of dog aggression from DNA through gut biomes to chronic stress. We will look at the biological mechanisms behind different management and treatment options so you better understand what might work and when. Session One: Saturday, June 18, 2022 In this session we will set the stage, clarify terminologies, discuss the extent of the issues & explore the biological basis of canine aggression! INTRODUCTION • Define Aggression • Evolutionary purpose of aggression • Which animals have it • Gene source & how wolves use it • Scope of issue in the dog world o Historical context o Current environment • Legal • News and perception CAUSES OF AGGRESSION • Internal • Genetic • Epigenetic • Structural o Endocrine o Gut biome • Disease • Age related brain changes • Injury • Training (self-rewarding) • External o Environment o Other dogs o People (including owner) o Training

Speaker(s):Dr. Tim Lewis

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