CEU Event: Summary labels and explanatory fictions in animal training: How our language impacts how and what we

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We often use shorthand to describe an animals’ behavior: anxious, reactive, aggressive. This is fine as long as the speaker and listener agree on what those behaviors entail and that we do not use those terms to then explain the animal’s behavior or to characterize the animal, itself. Instead, we should use objective language that focuses on the behavior at hand and the environmental factors that influence it. Small changes to our language can have large impacts on what behaviors we think we can change, and the techniques we choose to change them. We will discuss how summary labels can be misused as explanatory fictions, the detrimental impacts this can have on our training, and how to avoid those pitfalls.

Sponsor:Raising Canine, LLC
Speaker(s):Erica Feuerbacher

Contact: Susan Smith
 Email: sue@raisingcanine.com
 Phone: 512-916-4007
 Web: https://raisingcanine.com/