CEU Event: The Dog as a Natural Species

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The common origin of the dog story says the dog was a gray wolf that "somehow" turned into the dog after it associated with humans. In this webinar, Janice Koler-Matznick, a biologist specializing in behavior, explains it is more likely the dog and gray wolf are merely close relatives. Based on the behavior and physical structure of the dingoes and aboriginal village dogs, the most natural dogs left today, Koler-Matznick makes the case that the ancestral dog was probably a generalist scavenger and small game predator. Wolf behavior has universally been considered the only ancestral template for dog behavior, but what little is known about the ethology of free-ranging aboriginal village dogs, feral dogs, and dingoes indicates dogs are more similar to coyotes and jackals. Therefore, the wolf ancestor myth must be set aside and dog behavior investigated without preconceptions. A live webinar presentation will take place February 21st, 8pm Eastern Time. A recorded version will be available after this date.

Sponsor:E-training for Dogs
Speaker(s):Janice Koler-Matznick, MS, ACAAB (Monique Udell, PhD Moderator)

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