CEU Event: Pressure Wraps: An adjunct for achieving behavioral calm in anxious dogs

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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How do pressure wraps work? Is there any science behind how they work or are they just another gimmick? This talk will trace the development of pressure wraps used to ease canine anxiety and will include a discussion of how they work to induce behavioral calm, situations that might be helped with a pressure wrap and the differences between the various types of pressure wraps. Participants will learn how to properly apply pressure wraps and what to expect following application. They will hear about the speaker's personal experiences with pressure wraps on different dogs in different situations and learn about recent research conducted at Tufts University to evaluate the effectiveness of The Anxiety Wrap.

Sponsor:e-Training for Dogs, Inc.
Speaker(s):**Cindy Ludwig, M.A., R.N., KPA-CTP

Contact: Cheryl Asmus
 Email: cheryl@e-trainingfordogs.com
 Phone: 970-231-9965
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