CEU Event: Supplements, Pheromones and Non Pharmaceutical Therapies – Do they work?

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For animals suffering with chronic anxiety or panic disorders, chemical therapies can help improve the altered brain chemistry and aid in learning ability. Often, pharmaceutical medications are used, yet they can present concerns about side effects, cost and stigma. Alternative therapies can also be used successfully in behavioral medicine. This presentation will discuss the most commonly used pheromones, nutritional supplements, commercially prepared diets, and essential oil therapies. Comparisons of products will be made for effectiveness and quality control. The studies, science and medicine of each class of therapies with specific examples of products will be discussed, with an emphasis on quality control of non-pharmaceuticals. The presenter will also discuss the safe use of alternative therapies with pharmaceutical therapy. Lastly, the safety, efficacy and availability of products will be presented with indications according to species differences. Learning Objectives: The need for chemical intervention in chronic anxiety. How common pharmaceuticals and alternative therapies work on body chemistry. Specific product categories - where, when and how they work in the dog and cat. Scientific study support to the effectiveness of alternative therapies. Use of alternative therapies with pharmaceutical therapy. Safety, efficacy, availability according to species. Know what you are buying and using for effectiveness and safety.

Speaker(s):Dr. Sally Foote

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