CEU Event: Dog Bites and Children: A Behavioral Perspective

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Any dog, of any breed or background, is capable of biting, including family pets who are loved and pampered. Although we often hear about the statistics of reported bites, the least likely bites to be reported are those by family pets who bite their owners, including children in the home. Dogs may also bite young visitors or lunge at unfamiliar children on walks. Children have long been the most frequent victims of reported bites. Young children, especially, can be injured severely and are more likely to be bitten in the face and head. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the public’s understanding about dog behavior, and what dogs actually do. Understanding the behavioral basis of bites to children is an important step towards the prevention of this common problem. Learning Objectives: To understand behavioral risk factors for bites to children by unfamiliar dogs. To understand behavioral risk factors for bites to children by familiar dogs. To recognize the lack of understanding by the general public of safety practices. To address the possible medical or organic problems which may increase risk of aggression. To understand safety practices for homes with young children and dogs

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Dr. Ilana Reisner

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