CEU Event: Nutrigenomics for Dogs: Creating Health & Vitality through Food

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Obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, skin irritations, chronic yeast infections, behavioral issues, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and cancer. These are just a few common health conditions that are skyrocketing in our dogs. These conditions all share inflammation at the cellular level, and much of it stems from the lifestyles our dogs share with us, namely their modern diet. Many foods marketed to nourish ourselves and our dogs actually wreak havoc on them from the inside out, resulting in rampant obesity and chronic disease. But it doesn't have to be this way. Scientific information from the field of nutrigenomics tells us how diet affects gene expression (the process of turning genes on or off within a cell) at the cellular level, creating vibrant health or chronic disease. The right foods send healthy messages to the body's cells. For example, certain foods "starve" tumor cells of nutrients they need to grow; and a compound in spirulina possesses anti-arthritic, anti-cancer and liver-protective properties. Humans and domestic dogs share a parallel genomic evolution, particularly for genes associated with digestion and metabolism, neurological processes and diseases such as cancer. Can nutrition prevent or cure their current chronic illnesses? The answer is-absolutely! Webinar Objectives Learn about how genes, the genome and epigenome promote vigor and health through the diet, rather than lead to chronic illness. Understand how foods control gene expression at the cellular level. Learn which nutrients suppress chronic disease and promote health and longevity. Finally, translate this to functional foods and individualized targeted nutrition.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Dr Jean Dodds

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 Web: http://petprofessionalguild.com/event-1809880