CEU Event: Learn about the Research for MRIs and the Applications to Canine Neuroscience

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This webinar will be a discussion of the genesis, considerations, and protocols relevant to the Dog Project's fMRI canine neuroscience research and the practical applications of the research findings. The Dog Project team was the first research group worldwide to achieve quality MRI images of any non-human animal obtained without incorporating sedation or restraints. Our research covers canine cognition, emotions, sensory perception, receptive communication, inhibitory control, and temperament. The research has practical applications for identifying optimal candidates for working and service dog roles and for improving training and human-dog communication protocols for working and pet handlers. The presentation will be appropriate for all levels of experience: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Moreover, the presentation will be applicable to trainers, pet owners, and veterinarians interested in scientific advances regarding the canine mind and canine behavior and how such knowledge may improve their relationship with their working or pet animal and the performance of the animal. Webinar Objectives The difficulties of training a dog to take an awake, non-restrained MRI The research and potential medical advantages of having a dog take an MRI without sedation or restraints The evaluation process for determining whether a dog can be successful as an "MRI dog" The training process to prepare an MRI dog Completed and ongoing research conducted by the Dog Project team. Conclusions from each of the experiments/studies. Practical applications pertinent to trainers, working handlers, service dog organizations, veterinarians, and pet owners.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):**Mark Spivak

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