CEU Event: Free Member Webinar - Preventing Unwanted Feline Behaviors

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This cursory course on the house cat will touch on all things a cat owner should know in order to prevent unwanted behaviors in their house cat. A brief overview of ethology, domestication, socialization, and communication will lay the foundation for how to set up your house and interact with your cat. The unique needs of a house cat will be detailed including placement and use of the litter box and scratching posts/pads, play time, feeding, vertical space, privacy, consistency, establishing a good relationship, and desensitizing the cat to carriers, claw trimming, and pills. The importance of observing behavior to catch medical problems will be explained, as well as the importance of not letting bad habits continue without seeking professional help. Webinar Objectives Understand ethology and domestication of the house cat Learn about cat's communication and socialization Understand the importance of providing a secure, stress-free territory for an indoor cat Learn the correct use and placement of litter boxes and scratching posts/pads Understand how to promote a good relationships with your cat and how to monitor their health Learn about playing with your cat to promote good behavior Learn how to make a good behavior become a habit Learn how to desensitize your cat to the carrier, claw trims, and pills. Listen to a brief overview of what a cat behavior consultant does

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):**Patience Fisher

Contact: Rebekah King
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