CEU Event: Case Study: The Curious Case of Hemingway the Bunny

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This unique presentation explores the case of Hemingway, a neglected rabbit who slipped into a nearly perpetual state of learned helplessness and apathy. After being bounced around to multiple homes, suffering numerous congenital health problems, and incurring more issues as a result of repeated neglect, Hemingway resigned himself to a numb existence. This case study follows Hemingway's journey from complete apathy to being full of life. The goal of this presentation is to explore a particularly challenging case and provide a unique perspective for trainers working with animals who have low motivation. While Hemingway's case is highly individualized, some of the techniques and lessons can most certainly be applied to other cases. Figuring out how to motivate an animal that is experiencing learned helplessness can be difficult, and progress can be extremely slow. This presentation will hopefully show trainers experiencing these types of challenges that while the process can slow, frustrating, and disheartening, the rewards for the animal are endless. Webinar Objectives Understand observational techniques and how to successfully apply what you learn How to make progress in a minute or less How to develop food motivation How yo can become a a secondary reinforcer Understand how to expand reinforcement options Learn how to deal with being an aversive Determine how to utilize environmental reinforcers Learn how to train an animal to problem solve Understand how you can utilize enrichment to teach when you aren't there

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Emily Cassell

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