CEU Event: Rocket Recall: Unleash Your Dog's Desire to Return! A 21 Day Challenge with Simone Müller

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Tired of your dog leaving you behind? Do you feel embarrassed when your dog forces you to scream, shout, and dash after him in public, all while he’s gleefully running away from you? Having a reliable Rocket Recall ready to go is one of the biggest challenges for dog owners, but it’s also the most important “life insurance” you can teach your dog. Believe it or not, a Rocket Recall can become a reality for you! Join Simon Muller in this 21 day Challenge as she explains in detail: 

:The Double Recall, a two-part tool that gives your dog the support that he needs to fly back to you, even in the face of his strongest distractions.

:Need-oriented and functional reinforcers to reward your dog. :How to avoid common dog training mistakes that can spoil your success Lock in your dog’s rocket recall response through fun recall games that range from basic to pro-level. Feel empowered to successfully and independently continue training, even long after you have finished this challenge.

Sponsor:Empowered Animals LLC
Speaker(s):Simone Muller

Contact: Grisha Stewart
 Email: school@grishastewart.com
 Web: https://school.grishastewart.com/courses/rocket-recall