CEU Event: TRAPPED- The Effects of Captivity on the Modern Pet Dog

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For over 10,000 years, dogs have lived alongside humans in an unprecedented symbiotic evolutionary relationship between our two species. Though most of us have been enculturated to think of dogs whose natural habitat is one of a “pet” by definition - entirely confined and controlled by a rotation of walls, leashes, fences, kennels, and commands in our modern homes - the “pet” standard concept and conditions are in fact very recent phenomena exclusive to dogs living in developed nations in only the last few decades. So why does this matter? Pet dog behavior problems have been rapidly increasing in recent years, and a booming dog training industry has emerged to “fix” these issues for struggling dog families. The well documented results of captivity on a variety of both wild and domestic species - frustration, disorientation, distress vocalizations, destructiveness, aberrant aggression, maladaptive and dysfunctional behaviors, stereotypical behavior, “zoochosis” - also apply to our dogs. Dogs need all of us to take a good look in order to understand what is happening for them, so that we may find ways to offer meaningful help to them in their predicament as professionals and caring stewards, treating the root causes of their suffering beyond the symptoms we perceive.

Sponsor:Separation Anxiety Dog
Speaker(s):Kim Brophey

Contact: Moira Hechenleitner
 Email: moira@separationanxietydog.com
 Web: https://separationanxietydog.com/