CEU Event: Choice and Control - It’s All Good Unless a Dog is Trying to Bite Your Face Off

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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"In many ways, dog training has moved in a wonderful direction that allows dogs to make more choices, and be empowered to “behave” in their training environments. The “strict heel” position during walks has been shifting towards a focus on enrichment. There is less concentration on the “place” behavior in favor of allowing a dog “flight options."" The “sit when another dog approaches” option is being replaced more frequently with giving the dog autonomy. Though, what about dogs with a history of aggression? After all, we can’t give them full autonomy to bite someone! In this presentation, aggression expert Michael Shikashio CDBC will highlight how to choose the most effective and appropriate behavior change strategies in a variety of aggression cases. Operant or classical? Cueing or capturing? Empowerment or prevention? Foundational or free-shaping? Those questions and more will be answered!"

Sponsor:IAABC Foundation
Speaker(s):Michael Shikashio

Contact: Rochelle Burtt
 Email: courses@iaabcfoundation.org
 Web: http://www.thelemonadeconference.com/