CEU Event: Aggression in Dogs - Day 2

When: 03/19/2022 10:00am to 03/19/2022 5:00pm
Where: Canine Country Academy


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This day is geared for pet dogs owners who want to understand dogs more and professionals working with dogs. Arousal and Aggression: What does “arousal” have to do with aggressive behaviors in dogs? In some cases, arousal can be the catalyst for an intense, aggressive response, sometimes redirected at something a dog may not even be focused on. We may also see cases where a dog in a highly aroused state spill over into aggressive behavior. Mike will first define this sometimes-controversial topic and discuss why it is crucial to consider arousal as a factor in aggression cases. Prevention, management, and behavior change strategies will be highlighted! Precursors to Aggression – Dog Body Language: What are the signals that come before the growling, snarling, snapping, lunging, and biting? We will explore the subtle precursors, as well as advanced concepts in dog body language. *Live Demonstration When SECs Happen. Proactive Handling for Sudden Environmental Contrasts: The dreaded “SEC!” We’ve all been there — a provocative stimulus suddenly appears in the environment, and the dog we are handling explodes with barking, growling, and lunging! In this presentation, Michael will highlight proactive handling techniques as well as ancillary measures to set the stage for success when in contexts where SECs are likely to happen. Proactivity is always better than reactivity in these cases, and Michael will be showcasing a variety of handling skills that can help dogs and their handlers in areas that can be fraught with challenges! Sleeping with the Enemy – Dog Aggression Directed at Someone You Love: Did you just bring a new dog home and now your furry, cuddly addition is showing aggression towards your partner? Or maybe your dog has lived with you for some time and is suddenly being aggressive towards someone in your family? Perhaps your dog displays aggression when you and your partner show affection to or even approach one another? If the answer is yes, this presentation is for you! Michael will discuss the reasons for this frustrating and stressful type of aggression. He will also highlight management strategies for these difficult situations where the dog and people are living together 24/7! And most importantly, Michael will outline effective behavior change techniques to encourage harmonious outcomes in these cases.

Sponsor:Canine Country Academy
Speaker(s):Michael Shikashio

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