CEU Event: Clean Run Conference Unleashed

When: 11/05/2021 8:00am to 11/07/2021 5:00pm
Where: Online


*CPDT-KA: 9.5 *CBCC-KA: 16
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 9.50 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 16.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.


Deaf Dogs Unleashed Tiffany Baker, CBCC-KA, CCUI After implementing Control Unleashed® exercises creatively and effectively with deaf dog clients, it became clear that there was a need for these ideas to be shared. Training with deaf dogs can sometimes be challenging; the need for attention and engagement from deaf dogs is crucial when the dogs rely so heavily on visual cues. There's also the added difficulty deaf dogs experience with Sudden Environmental Contrast (SEC) and a more pronounced startle response when things appear in their environment unexpectedly. Deaf dogs can also experience increased anxiety and have difficulty relaxing when stuff happens in their environment, unpredictably and outside of their control. What better way to provide our deaf dogs with the support they need to navigate their world than the CU program. In this presentation, you will experience the CU program thoughtfully and creatively customized for our beloved deaf dogs. The presentation will introduce unique visual and tactile cues combined with predictable patterns to build a beautiful recipe for engagement and confidence. We will be navigating the skills necessary to implement the popular Look At That conversational game and many of the foundation patterns that build voluntary engagement and predictability, such as Up-Down, Ping-Pong, Give Me A Break, Whiplash Turn, and 1-2-3. We will take a look at what the real-life application of this program looks like for our deaf dogs and much more! Whether you are a deaf dog guardian or a trainer looking to add tools to your toolbox so you can better assist your clientele, this presentation is for you! Get ready to open up a new conversation of empowerment with your deaf dog! 1.5 hours Wild Things Unleashed: Working with Arousal Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, TAGteach Level 2 Julie Daniels, CCUI Nikki Bowling Join Leslie, Julie, and Nikki as they explore the variety of Control Unleashed® games that help high-energy, easily excited, or hypervigilant dogs learn to be calm, thoughtful, and focused. Learn tools for helping dogs think through arousal, from sport and working dogs to rescued wolf hybrids! Let Leslie, Julie, Nikki, and Lindsay inspire you! 2 hours I'll CU at the Shelter Beth Brown, CCBC, CPDT-KSA, CCUI A truth common to shelter animals is that they experience higher than normal levels of fear, frustration, anxiety, and stress. This experience can lead to an increased length of stay and make them look less adoptable, especially if behavior problems start to crop up because of the negative emotions they're feeling. In this presentation, we'll discuss how using Control Unleashed® pattern games on a daily basis can help decrease these feelings. We'll see examples with both dogs and cats. Some of the pattern games we'll learn about in a shelter setting are default behaviors, LATTE, Gimme a Break, Requested Approach Training, and Superbowls. 1.5 hours I CU Through Care for My Dog Linlin Cao, Ph.D., CPDT-KA, CCUI Do you find yourself stuck in cooperative care training? Do you think cooperative care training isn't fun for you or your dog? Or do you want to build more trust and better communication with your dog but don't know how to get started? Linlin will show you her favorite pattern games and how to incorporate them into your dog's grooming and veterinary care routines. With pattern games, you will learn to communicate to your dog when each procedure will occur. Most importantly, you will learn how to give your dog a voice in the process. 1.5 hours Creativity Unleashed: Which Game When? Angie Madden, CPDT-KA, CCUI Meaghan Cassell, CCUI Do you find yourself stuck in a situation and not sure which Control Unleashed® concept to apply? Which pattern should you choose? When should you use LAT vs. Up Down? How do you go from doing the patterns at home to taking them "on the road"? Do you have to carry bowls around with you to play Superbowls? Many handlers struggle to transfer what they have learned in a class (or read in a book) to the outside world. Join Angie and Meaghan as they walk you through real-life applications and some out-of-the-box ways to incorporate your CU favorite games. Learn how to successfully build patterns into your daily routine and tackle everyday problems like barking out the window, jumping, and leash walking. 1.5 hours Agility ICU Julie Daniels, CCUI Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, TAGteach Level 2 Does your dog stress UP in agility? Maybe your dog wants all of the turns. Maybe they don't like waiting in line with other dogs. Some CU dogs want to run with the other dogs, and some want the other dogs to go home. This presentation is full of practical ideas for managing your dog's arousal or reactivity around the excitement of agility. Check in to the CU Agility Intensive Care Unit! Leslie and Julie will help you use the most versatile CU pattern games in the context of agility. From training to competition, they'll help you get your agility dog out of the ICU and back into the game. 1.5 hours Unleashing the Science and Magic of Slow Thinking Laura Donaldson, Ph.D., CDBC, KPA CTP, CCUI Dogs struggling with aggressive behavior habitually make fast-twitch decisions about their behavior when confronted with a threatening or scary stimulus. The consequences of these decisions are too often a bite incident and then surrender to shelter or even euthanasia. Laura has developed a program called Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs™ that teaches dogs how to think before they act—a habit that literally can be lifesaving. This presentation focuses on how changing a dog's thinking patterns can change their behavior and examines why Slow Thinking is a critical emotional and cognitive habit for dogs. While the Slow Thinking program was initially developed to address issues of canine aggression, it can also help resolve many behavior issues. We'll look at the intersections between Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs and Control Unleashed® and highlight how both programs offer practical strategies for helping your own (or your clients') dogs become slow, non-aroused thinkers. 1.5 hours I CU Are Connected to Me: Relationship Unleashed Laura Donaldson, PhD, CDBC, KPA CTP, CCUI MaryKay Hasseman, KPA CTP, CCUI, TAGteach Level 2 The Control Unleashed® program envisions training as a conversation between canine and human partners. This presentation will examine what training as a conversation between multi-species partners means and how it impacts what we do and how we do it when training our horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, pigs, and parrots. Practicing dog training as a conversation goes far beyond the "I talk, you listen" model that dominates much of traditional—and even some positive reinforcement—animal training. In the traditional model, the dog is given a "command" or stimulus and then expected to respond by doing the commanded behavior. In contrast to this, CU imagines the human-animal encounter as a conversation that implies reciprocity and a willingness to listen by all participants. This presentation will offer a deep dive into reimagining training as a conversation: what it means and how it changes everything we do when working with animals. It will have a multi-species focus, with special emphasis on horses and dogs. Topics covered include how focusing on our dog's behavioral issues often prevents us from recognizing our connections with the dog; learning how to listen to your dog or horse; and how developing a mindful awareness takes the way you train animals and their humans to a whole new level. This presentation offers a new vision for how training as a conversation can open up a new world of rich connections with the animals in our lives. 2 hours ACE Unleashed: CU Meets Free Work and Detailed Observations Dr. Janet Finlay, ACE Instructor, TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner 3, MAPDT UK 101046 Animal Centred Education (ACE) is a holistic, integrated approach to working with animals, developed by Sarah Fisher. It centers around Free Work, which provides dogs with a choice-based, multi-sensory learning experience that can reduce tension and frustration and increase physical awareness and calm, together with detailed observations that enable the human to see their dog through an entirely new lens. The combination can make a powerful difference in how we can support sensitive and reactive dogs. ACE comes from a similar philosophical perspective as Control Unleashed® and provides a perfect context for CU activities. This talk will explore some of the ways we can combine these two powerful approaches to enhance the value of both, particularly for reactive dogs. 1.5 hours I CU Everywhere Merissa Kreidler, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, CCUI Kimberly Palermo, CPDT-KA CCUI The long-awaited school year has arrived, books and wands have been purchased at Diagon Ally, and students begin to step off the Hogwarts Express. As a professor, you watch the Sorting Hat place first years into their houses and wonder what your new students will be like. You already have the basics prepared—your favorite potion to teach on the first day, an easy spell to learn, and you'll begin to prepare your fifth-year students for this year's O.W.L.S. But what about the magic beyond the basics—how can you give your students the life skills that will help them fly? Join fellow Ravenclaws Merissa Dubraque Kreidler and Kimberly Palermo as they discuss how you can incorporate Control Unleashed® skills into your everyday basic manners classes. Whether you're teaching first years (puppies) or seventh years (advanced students), you will learn which patterns and skills you can introduce to each level, how to combine these skills to challenge your students, and discover fun and creative games that can be played to practice these skills. If you'd like to learn how to incorporate CU into your classes or are simply looking for some fun ideas to get creative with your students, I CU Everywhere could be the missing Horcruxes you've been looking for. 1.5 hours I CU Got a Pandemic Puppy Merissa Kreidler, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, CCUI Let's face it—last year was rough! The Virus That Shall Not Be Named trapped us in our homes, and we only ventured out fully masked and armed with potion bottles full of hand sanitizer. We furtively stockpiled toilet paper and traded our good wizarding robes for the comfort of yoga pants. Merissa decided that this would be the perfect time to add a puppy to her household. In this presentation, Merissa will discuss rethinking socialization strategies—how do you introduce your puppy to many different people when you can't safely be around people? She will share how she tackled providing structure for her puppy amidst the chaos—what truly mattered, and what to let slide. The presentation will describe the challenges of working from home with a puppy underfoot (Zoom sessions are always more interesting with puppy interruptions) and how she incorporated Control Unleashed® patterns and skills into her puppy's daily life, making all of the challenges so much easier. 1.5 hours I CU at the Zoo Angie Madden, CPDT-KA, CCUI Can you teach a wild animal to take a breath on cue? Control Unleashed® isn't just for dogs! Join Angie to find out some of the ways zookeepers are using CU for cooperative care and more. 30 minutes CU Under the Radar Tamar Paltin Mayer, BA CPDT-KA, FFCP AKC CGC & ATT Evaluator In an ideal world, you would only take your dog to classes taught by like-minded force-free instructors who understand all the hard work you've put into building a relationship with your dog. You would also have access to Fear Free vets and groomers and have full support through your Control Unleashed® journey. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in areas with access to all of those resources, and many of us take classes with instructors who we could label many different ways but who use compulsion or force in some way at some point. Learn how you can use CU patterns and games in these situations without causing a disturbance and still benefit from the class experience. We will talk about which patterns you can use to help your dog feel confident and learn in spaces that may not be as aware or welcoming. You can be stealthy in your application of CU games and find new ways to apply patterns you already know! 1.5 hours There's a LATTE in the Cauldron: Enrich Your Dog's Counter Conditioning Experience! Leslie McDevitt MLA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, TAGteach Level 2 Leslie has taken her always popular and always powerful Look at That game and added a new twist for Control Unleashed® enthusiasts to enjoy: LATTE, which stands for Look At That, Then Enrichment. Learn the how, why, and whens of this new twist and treat your dogs to a relaxing counter conditioning experience in an enriched environment that encourages them to lick, sniff, chew, and decompress while playing a sloooowed down version of your favorite game. The "decaf" version of LATTE can be used even with dogs that don't know LAT yet and uses the enrichment/decompression piece without the LAT structure—great for shelter dogs, new puppies who are shy, etc. This version can even be used for remedial socialization! There's lots of ways to use LATTE, and Leslie is excited to tell you all about it. 1.5 hours I CU Are Stuck Hannah Branigan, CCUI Leslie McDevitt MLA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, TAGteach Level 2 Does your dog get "sticky," fixated on something that elicits that instinctive eye/stalk response, making it impossible for them to see or hear you? Join Leslie and Hannah in exploring ways to help your dog transition from that sticky place back to being able to focus on you. When you have a naturally sticky dog, getting their mind back once they've gotten fixated is one of the hardest things to do. Hannah and Leslie have been there! We've got you. 1.5 hours Puppy Prodigies Unleashed: From Puppy Kindergarten to Building a Foundation for Dog Sports Laurie C. Williams, BA, CPDT-KA, CDTI Thankfully, many people understand that puppies need early training and socialization, so they flock to the nearest puppy kindergarten class eager and ready for their puppies to learn. But once they've checked that box, many do not continue to higher-level classes. So, we trainers have a short window of time with these puppy owners to "turn them on" to more advanced learning and get them hooked, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by introducing them to dog sports. But you can't do that with puppies, right? Aren't they too young? Absolutely not! In this session, you will be introduced to many foundation behaviors, games, and exercises you can start implementing in your puppy classes that are sure to set off a spark and get your puppy owners hungry for their puppies to learn more! Foundation behaviors such as body awareness, balance, obstacle confidence, targeting, impulse control, and teamwork can all be introduced right from the start, and once Frisky's owner sees him performing like a champ, they'll be chomping at the bit to sign him up for more! 1.5 hours I CU Need Some Support: Helping Horses Relax and Stay Focused on their Learning Jen Digate, CBCC-KA, CCUI Join Jen to learn how to use Control Unleashed® pattern games within the context of your ride or groundwork session to keep your horse focused, relaxed, and engaged. Learn what games to use when and how to move easily between your skill/discipline and helping your horse regulate emotionally. 1.5 hours

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