CEU Event: Stressed Out! The impact of stress on your canine

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Stress is a part of life for both humans and dogs. This panel of experts brings a variety of perspectives on stress response and stressors. It is clear that each individual (dog and human) has a different threshold for stress and manifestations of stress. Although stress can’t be eliminated it is clear that stress experienced in a positive social environment is less damaging and could even lead to some benefits. Namni Goel, PhD- During my presentation, I discussed the importance of considering individual differences in response to sleep loss and stress. Each dog will respond to these conditions differently, yet remarkably consistently across the lifespan. These differences will be manifest in terms of performance, fatigue level and behavioral state. Ali Rodgers- The effects of stress can be manifest over generations. The negative experience of stress, while influenced by the individual perceptions, behavior and genetics can be lessened through a supportive social environment. James Serpell, BSc, PhD- This brief presentation aimed to address the question: What are some of the more subtle signs of stress?” Two short video sequences are presented based on a test we designed to evaluate the temperaments of young guide/service dogs when they return from their puppy-raising foster homes for training at about 14-18 months of age. Just two components of this so-called “In-for-Training (IFT) Test” are presented: the “Falling Object” component and the “Handling” component.

Sponsor:Tawzer Dog LLC
Speaker(s):**Namni Goel, PHD, Ali Rodgers, James Serpell, BSC, PHD

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