CEU Event: Dog Evaluations Online Course

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


*CPDT-KA: 7.75 *CBCC-KA: 0
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 2.50
CPDT-KSA Skills: 5.25

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.

PLEASE NOTE: CPDT-KA can earn a MAXIMUM of 12 CPDT-KSA Skills CEUS within their 3 year certification period.


The quality of your off-leash play operations starts with your dog evaluation process. You will learn the key policies, how to plan and create an effective and efficient dog evaluation process. Dog Evaluations course was designed to take you step-by-step through creating your policies and process in a flexible online self-study format. Once you complete the course you will: Gain confidence that dogs admitted to playgroups are suitable to your environment Get the information you really need from the client prior to the evaluation appointment Know your evaluation process is consistent regardless of who leads it or the applicant dog being assessed Communicate dog behavior information and evaluation results clearly to clients even when you must deliver bad news Ensure your groups are comprised of dogs that enjoy off-leash play and assigned to the right playgroups

Sponsor:The Dog Gurus
Speaker(s):Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

Contact: The Dog Gurus
 Email: support@thedoggurus.com
 Phone: 732-997-6537
 Web: https://www.thedoggurus.com/