CEU Event: Canine Behavior and Acoustics

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Much of our attention on canine behavior has focused on visual signals - and given their importance in the behavior and training of domestic dogs, that's a good thing. However, the world of sound - how dogs use it and how it affects them - is extremely important in maintaining their well-being and responsiveness to people. In this webinar directed especially toward shelters and rescue groups, we'll talk about: How a dog's acoustic environment can improve or degrade his or her well-being Practical ways to use environmental sounds to influence behavior What research tells us about how to use your voice most effectively to communicate to dogs and to change their internal affect How to interpret the vocalizations of dogs, and how to use that knowledge to change your own behavior or the environment in which dogs are housed (whether individually or in groups). You'll leave this webinar with an enhanced understanding of one of the most important senses in a dog's world, (not to mention your own!), what recent research tells us about this important aspect of a dog's environment, and how to use your own voice to communicate with dogs as effectively as possible. This free, 60-minute webinar is open to animal welfare professionals and volunteers, including foster parents.

Speaker(s):Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB, Author

Contact: Valerie Sheppard
 Email: aspcalearning@aspca.org
 Phone: 301-829-2657
 Web: http://www.aspcapro.org/webinar/2013-09-12-190000-2013-09-12-200000/canine-behavior-and-acousti