CEU Event: NEI TEC Talk: Common Confusions Week - Part 1

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Natural Encounters Training and Education Center (NEI TEC) presents NEI TEC Talk, “Common Confusions” Week! Everyone has been confused about an animal training jargon, strategy, or situation at some time. For many, these confusions provide motivation to do some research and clarify the uncertainty. For others, the confusion is ignored or even accepted as fact. We hear things like, "that's just how it has always been done" or "we do it this way because that is how management told us to do it". The truth is that often, we just don't know what we don't know, and conflicting perspectives bring more confusion. Common Confusions Week will enlist an impressive group of animal training experts to share common confusions they have heard or experienced in their work. Each expert will take five minutes to describe a confusion, then provide explanations that bring clarity to the situation. On Friday, the TEC Talk faculty will share confusions they have experienced and will be there to discuss any common confusions attendees submit. Monday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 14th, 2:00pm EST; 1-hour seminar, 30-minute Q&A Common Confusions Part 1 & 2 – Steve Martin, Chris Jenkins, Ari Bailey, and Amy Fennell A wide range of guest experts will send in their short videos to describe a common confusion they have experienced and then provide their perspectives and clarifications. Friday, April 16th, 2:00pm EST; 90-minute discussion and Q&A NEI TEC in Conversation – Steve Martin, Chris Jenkins, Ari Bailey, and Amy Fennell Join us as NEI TEC faculty members share common confusions they have experienced, discuss their thoughts on the topics presented previous sessions, and explore common confusions attendees have submitted. You can submit your common confusions to submissions@naturalencounters.com.

Sponsor:Natural Encounters, Inc.
Speaker(s):**Steve Martin, Chris Jenkins, Ari Bailey, Amy Fennell

Contact: Erik Montgomery
 Email: zoom@naturalencounters.com
 Phone: 863-439-0939
 Web: https://naturalencounters.com/nei-tec-talk-common-confusions/