CEU Event: Motivation Behavior and the Brain

When: 03/02/2021 10:00am to 03/02/2021 11:30am
Where: Online


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A great experimental psychologist, Woodworth (from the beginning of the last century), argued that psychology should be the science of motivation, and even suggested to call this new science “motivology.” Although the concept of motivation was frowned upon by the early Behaviourists, because, after all, it is a mentalistic concept, some quickly made an exception (Hull, Tolman, etc) to incorporate drive and incentive theories of motivation. The modern theory, in both neuroscience and psychology, is the incentive theory of motivation. It explains a broad range of phenomena, from the foundations of learning itself, to specific processes, such as intrinsic motivation, auto-shaping, intermittent reinforcement, sign-tracking, and even pathologies. We will discuss the contribution of a few contemporary scientists on this issue, specifically Anselme, Berridge, Panksepp and a few more. We will also quickly link this literature to scent processing, specifically “exploratory sniffing” as the ultimate “seeking” behaviour in many mammals.

Speaker(s):Simon Gadbois, PhD

Contact: Ann Waterbury
 Email: ann.waterbury@k9nosework.com
 Phone: 727-709-8543
 Web: https://k9nosework.com/product/webinar-motivation-behaviour-brain/