CEU Event: Dog Trainer Foundations Immersion

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


*CPDT-KA: 26 *CBCC-KA: 0
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 21.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 5.00

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.

PLEASE NOTE: CPDT-KA can earn a MAXIMUM of 12 CPDT-KSA Skills CEUS within their 3 year certification period.


This is a complete course covering the basics of modern dog training—”nose-to-tail” coverage from learning theory to practical application and basic problem-solving—focusing on the use of positive reinforcement for better communication. You will learn a new, remarkable system of lifelong communication with dogs, gain a deeper understanding of dog behavior, understand the science behind marker-based (clicker) training and acquire the skills needed to apply it all effectively. The 5 hours of instruction include 1:1 online coaching support through video conference, video review, and email, all of which help personalize you experience.

Sponsor:Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior
Speaker(s):Terrie Hayward, Sherrie Yuschak, Linda Ryan, Nan Arthur, Laura Monaco Torelli

Contact: Gretchen Carey
 Email: ceu@karenpryoracademy.com
 Phone: 781-398-0754
 Web: https://karenpryoracademy.com/courses/dog-trainer-foundations-immersion/