CEU Event: Revisiting Respondent Techniques - Change the Behavior by Changing the Emotions.

When: Ongoing
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When working towards solving behavior problems our focus tends to be on the behavior. This happens for a couple of reasons: firstly, behaviors are much more noticeable than the emotions that drive them; secondly, from the human perspective the behavior is the problem, not the emotion. From the dog’s perspective, however, the emotion is the problem, not the behavior! It is true that respondent conditioning and operant conditioning occur almost simultaneously, which results in an interplay between emotions and what the dog learns from punishers and reinforcers. Because of this interplay, we prioritize the “get the behavior” approach. But how much faster could a behavior problem be solved if we prioritized the “change the emotion” approach? Let’s remember that emotional states are antecedent stimuli, that motivation is an emotional process, and that emotional responses are more immediate than thought-out ones. This webinar will revisit respondent techniques such as classical extinction, systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning, as well as explain how to apply them effectively taking different variables into account. Learning Objectives Understand the impact of emotions on behavior. Become aware of emotional states as antecedent stimuli. Learn how motivation contributes towards reinforced behaviors not being displayed and punished behaviors being displayed. Learn why emotional responses are more immediate than though-out ones. Understand classical extinction and how to apply it, reinstatement of an extinguished response, renewal, and spontaneous recovery. Learn the various types of counter conditioning and how to apply them effectively. Develop skills to ensure a smooth desensitization process. Avoid the pitfalls of flooding.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Alexandra Santos

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