CEU Event: TAGteach Webinar - Let's Talk Tagulators!

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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A tagulator is a string of moveable beads, popularly used by TAGteachers and TAGlearners. The core idea is simple: move a bead after each tag. As with most things, the function is probably different from scenario to scenario and person to person, but it seems there is more to the tagulator than just a simple visual representation of action completed. Learner’s love them and we think they deserve a deeper look. Join TAGteach faculty instructor Eva Bertilsson and TAGteach founder Theresa McKeon as they share their theories, thoughts, and examples on the topic. 1. What is a tagulator, and where did the idea originate? 2. How can you and your learners make your own tagulators? 3. How have tagulators been used and in what environments? 4. When, where, why and how can tagulators be incorporated into your learning environment? 5. What are functions of a tagulator, both on the antecedent and the consequence side. The webinar includes discussions, video examples, live demos and time for Q/A.

Sponsor:TAGteach International
Speaker(s):Theresa McKeon and Eva Bertilsson

Contact: Joan Orr
 Email: joan@tagteach.com
 Web: https://tagteachmembers.com/learning-area-dashboard/dashboard-webinars/webinar-landing-tagulators/