CEU Event: What Did the Horse Trainer Say to the Donkey?

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Donkeys have worked side by side with man, helping to build our societies, going to war, even guarding our fields, for over 5000 years. With over 40 million donkeys worldwide and the domesticated population continuing to grow, donkeys continue to be one of the most misunderstood animals that humans work with. The goal of this webinar is to educate donkey owners, donkey enthusiasts, horse trainers, etc on why donkeys are not just horses with longer ears. They are evolutionarily, physiologically, and behaviorally very different from horses, deserving of training, management, and enrichment which in many cases is different their horse cousins. Learning Objectives: Identify the roles donkeys currently play in our society and the unique challenges this highly intelligent equine faces because of our changing world. Identify the evolutionary environmental conditions of both donkeys and horses to highlight why they are vastly different animals. Identify the physiological differences between donkeys and horses as they may relate to behavior. Identify best practices for management of daily living of donkeys which may be unique to donkeys. Identify best practices for training donkeys--why use positive reinforcement to train tasks instead of traditional methods or natural horsemanship. Provide resources for donkey owners, trainers, and horse trainers who may be asked to work with donkeys.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Monique Williams CPDT-KA

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